King Brax, the Jackal of Gorham

the old king of gorham - recently died in battle


The reigning king of Gorham for 20 years, King Brax has recently died in battle. His reign was marked by warfare and strife. He successfully subjugated three of the four neighboring kingdoms and used the strength of his combined realm to protect Gorham.

Many criticized (quietly) his methods, and he earned the nickname “The Jackal of Gorham” for his practice of preying on his neighbors to increase the strength of his own kingdom. His proponents, on the other hand, note that Gorham itself never faced famine or war while he reigned as king.

King Brax recently died in battle against the Grull Tribes, a group of nomadic and druidic highlanders to the north of Gorham. He left a wife, but no heir.

King Brax, the Jackal of Gorham

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